You assimilate or we will terminate your family – the Norwegian agenda …

[Head of County Vestfold] – a buffer ….

Investigated time and time again. Being judged «not guilty» by a Freemason or Rotary (F&R)judge. The judge may even used the same man as a buffer him self ones or more, against himself being investigated for criminal doing. Now that the F&R have appointed him to Fylkesmann i Vestfold [Head of County Vestfold], Mr. Olsen is put to exploit his position. As a form of buffer and to make the illegal activity appear legal. At the time; involved in all forms of illegal “business” within Norway’s welfare-industry. He serves to protect the“production-capital”, and keeps the raw-material in a steady flow by protecting the people who kidnaps the raw-material, and the money-owners [Politicians, bureaucrats, police officers, councilors of the municipalities and people with good connections to the court, like all Freemasons and Rotary, if they are regarded slightly over «paper patch picker»] . His Name is Per Arne Olsen

– Is it a warning about for the future? Their life’s as adults in Norway?

Dad had a discussion with a Freemason/Rotary (ohh well, to me it was a talk, but …)

– seems like he may have been offended by something I may have said …

Our life’s has changed dramatically. They took both the wife’s job, and mine . Kidnapped our 4 children. Taken 10 months ago… – we don’t get no where in the courts, being that the country’s Prime-minister Erna Solberg is a Freemasons wife.

Whether they cooperate or not; if they have a common enemy (big or small), they would prefer to cooperate and appear even more powerful, or endorse their own identity and belonging to make it easier to prove that, for example, harassment of so-called «marked individuals» a specific group …? I know they cooperate, so it’s a rhetorical question … And most that know of lodges, know they work together, if they can get advantages …

… our sons seriously scared, and every time.

Boss of Norway: Erna Solberg in a picture found in the newspaper

Lost everything. Destroy is on the agenda.

  • arrest dad in the living room. -Brutally with 12 police, armed and with dogs barking, like it was a terrorist just blown up a city.
  • and for nothing. Repeatedly over a period of a year, with our sons as spectators.
  • then the Police and child welfare authorities arrest our 3 sons at school, in their classrooms. Abduct them, and tells us, the parents when they are 400 km away.
  • We can’t find one lawyer that is willing to truly assist us. If we do, the lawyer changes the personality the day after a judge or police attorneys gets this information; that we have got a lawyer.
  • Yesterday the case would be an easy win. Suddenly very difficult case the next day. Crap-work in all understandings of the word; crap , if any work at all.
  • This is our life when Norwegian terror – troops walk the towns and city’s whit the national markings of “The Kingdom of Norway”. They are called Police, but are used against the lands own people.

Councilor in the municipality (topp)left

VISMA – method

  • In what Erna Solberg (Prm. minister) calls out to the “walking dead”, (that be the Norwegians …) and claim the title: “The stuffed Boss of the world’s # 1 country for, at least, our female adult populations”. – AND WE BELIEVE.

«… protected us 195 times since 16. Sep 2016 …”

Again and again this happens in this country called Norway. The government put out incentives too the businesses to go harder, by paying the most brutal methods the best. So there is only Brutal methods in Norway, and are mostly developed by VISMA AS. We call it the “VISMA-method.

195 police scared my sons to terrorize

One Year: 195 uniforms in our living-room …

My sons scared seriously and every time». The police had no intention of being any other than the “Brutal ones”, also for my sons. – Why show them this brutality?
– Is it a warning about for the future? Their life’s as adults in Norway?

The picture shows a network in important institutions in Norway. The names are people involved in the torture family Bowen has been exposed to by police and child welfare since June 2016.

“Terror Vestfold”

The public employed that have part in this human trafficking behave like mafia. Municipal employees, people in the county, and other employees or closely related to the government act as obstacles to stopping this. Just like the county man Mr. Olsen.
From the left up: Mayor, lawyer, lawyer and a man I had discussions with … congregations in the middle, bringing Freemasons and Rotary. Neders to the west: Chief of Police Director and Pernille Flage, a very troubled police attorney. Her father is a mason … from the policeforce ..
These seem to be able to keep the obstacle in Tønsberg. It worries many to think about. This is the hometown of the country’s highest ranked police, which is also Rotary … … and they buy and sell children as merchandise, at a supermarket.
Police Department’s Sjøvold hometown. And his son’s law firm (we call it Pedocrat House because it has a lot of child welfare matters). They seem to cooperate with child welfare authorities to «glue the families to the system».
 Use people to collect money from the state, claiming that it is for delivered welfare.
Why is this ok?
Mr. Bowen

Forfatter: 333rebuke

Far til kidnappede barn. Kidnappet av myndighetene. Ikke begrunnet, da myndighetene ikke ser nødvendigheten av det.

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