Prime Minister Iron Erna! (Norway) -They sell children in Tønsberg as commodities! Why do you Iron Erna! reward them with millions of dollars?

Sterilization, logotomy, compulsory schooling, dehumanizing. The state kidnapped children as sfraff for dissidents. attempted killings performed by judges and police as the national supplier of terrorist

I have been sorting my documents lately. I’m working on my time in court against the state for the kidnapping of my children.

I have been sorting my documents lately. I’m working on my time in court against the state for the kidnapping of my children.

I have always felt it’s right to call me a dissident, which is a little «strange» in a country like Norway ..many say …

I have never felt more right than now pointing out my viewpoint in society.

I AM DISSIDENT! I have aversions to the destruction of the people’s rights. Norway hav no longer a people’s government, but a society at full speed into the return of feudalism. We therefore need to increase the proportion of «Robin Hoods» in our community. In time that all of these wake up now, it’s getting too late.

Too late actually, feels like it was a while ago ..

I found this text that I had copied from Facebook. It feels Right to let this out to all people. This is Tønsberg. And the government support it with millions of dollars. Destroying children, and crushing families.

A 50 + year old Lady from Norway tells her story.

She tells about the systematic abuse of children i Norway. About an abuse she says that she is a product of. A woman lived life for almost 60 years, giving of her knowledge about the abuse.

It makes me think about how long this has been going on. Without any change.  The right thing to say is that authority protect this satanic behavior of what most often is  found in the elite.

It is thus politically accepted to abuse children in Norway. Or isn’t that what you say Iron-Erna?

I took the name out of the text to protect the writer. Because of the threats the author is exposed to. I am a confirmation that threats of , and actual attempts at killing are part of the Tønsberg Rotary method. Magistrate at the court in Tønsberg, Dag Ragnar Carlstedt has attempted to kill me with contact-poison. 

«To put it like it is, I’m no more fond of ROTARY than I’m in LIONS …  in 1963,the latter arranged «Elg hunting with little girls as side dishes «for wealthy relatively old lawyers, mostly  from Oslo. It is at Alm’s farm, Toten  this happened. They , the old lawyers, could enjoy a week at the farm with local Lions clubbers small girls sent by their Lions member fathers … under the pretext that this was «hunting» and «outdoor life in the country» away from stressful jobs and bustling wives.

This resulted in children like me, who had to live for 42 years before someone was forced to tell the truth …

… that this person who was noted father on the birth certificate was NOT a biological father. A DNA test shows 99.9999% chance that someone else is my father.

-My surprise is that all «my people» had the LIED for 42 years. Including the sheriff and employees at  Toten municipality …

At the back: 2 from the right is Marianne Bøe from Myrsnipa, run by the City Mission. She is a girlfriend of 3 of the ladies involved in the kidnapping of our children. Nazi Social Guard who specializes in intercourse abuses. Drittling (shithead) of rank, and should not have any sosial interaction with children. She is pure evil …. Picture at Lions club Tønsberg.

«In the Freemasonry Order, you plead an allegiance. Can we trust that the loyalty of laws and rules goes beyond the loyalty of the order you are in?»

(Norwegian newspaper:

Not only  LIONS arranged this, but LIONS it was mostly them for my part. They  stopped my mother’s prayer. She begged my biological father to come and take me from the nightmare.  – to rescue me, when I was about 3 year old.  – from sexual abusive Lions members. These «kind» «community men» who support» the poor with sails of x-mas goods, where profit is given to as support. The biggest bags of shit possible to find are these members.

  • And those who judge ME the most.  No person from Toten have any doubt about this truth. «

Just like ROTARY in Tønsberg. Something I discovered in the years before 2010. Then I went to Tønsberg to try to find more of the truth. But was threatened on my life … and unfortunately unexpectedly … and went home. It was to much.

Now fortunately, others  dare to speak out, and write about it.. Now the card house falls.

Not all involved are members of ROTARY … or LIONS … or Freemasonry … such organizations are deadly rotteries, which means that members believe they are entitled to ruin the lives of others.

Stop it. NOW.»

Norwegian newspaper: Two top judges on the subjekt, Carl August Fleischer and Jan Fridthjof Bernt, warn against Freemasonry. So also Transparency International Norway. Freemasonry increases the risk of corruption – The secrecy around Freemasonry increases the risk of corruption and crime.

Iron Erna!

When will it be enough for you? Is it to much money in this. So that it pays all kind of dignity and decency are eradicated in the Eugenistic circles?

Get a feeling that conspiracy theories are not so far fetch,  Jern-Erna on forced  population reduction.  Sterilization, lobotomy, compulsory schooling, dehumanizing, – all resent past.

If you’re on this sort of planning, as,  reducing Norway to 3.2 million people, I think most people want to hear it.

And I don’t think much about the possibility of been wrong in this.

Prime Minister Iron-Erna si dangerous for all humans with less money and power.We need to stop this. Its has turned to the worse …..

Mr. Bowen

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Far til kidnappede barn. Kidnappet av myndighetene. Ikke begrunnet, da myndighetene ikke ser nødvendigheten av det.

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