It all seems like a badly planned theater performance ….

Criminal cases on the 05.06.2018

Criminal cases on the 05.06.2018

On May 5, 2018, Agder decided that I would be released on 24 May 2018.

On May 16, 2018, Judge Vigmostad decides to appoint lawyer Søren Hellenes to defend me. –
I’m not informed about this.

On May 22, 2018 at 14.30 a fax was sent to the prison, from Hellenes (lawyer in Larvik) who claimed to be my lawyer.

I first learned about the release of May 5, – May 22, 2018 at. 18:30.

17 days after the decision was given by Lagmannsretten.

The morning after, at about. 07.30 on May 23, I was informed that there was a new prison meeting in Larvik district court.

Half an hour later, at 09.00  the trial started. Judge Vigmostad was, at best, uninterested …

When I got back to the prison, after Larvik District Court miscarriage of justice, I received the fax from attorney Hellenes where he informs me that he is my new lawyer.

I wrote to both Larvik District Court and Attorney Hellenes and explained that I did not want him as my lawyer, showed EMK Article 6 and claimed to be able to decide who would defend me myself. This took place on 23 May 2018.

June 5, I was transported to Larvik District Court. The criminal case started.

I had no witnesses, no access to documents. Was refused to bring my own documents from prison. Full body visitation before I was released from Sem fengsel. Never got access to police documents.

Hellenes is obviously not possible to get rid of as easily as human rights … I protest again. Never spoken with the lawyer …


The prosecutor in the case, Siv Kvamsdal, contacted Eva on July 1, 2016 – because she was appointed lawyer. Appointed by Attorney General Pernille Flage. Eve had not asked for assistance. She was assisted by lawyer Knut Erik Storlykken Søvik. Attorney Søvik canceled our complaints to the county council in June 2016.  – without informing us and against our will. What type of people allow themself this?

The partnership between counterpart’s aid attorney Rita Aase and


lawyer Arne Lie, who has represented me law firm Lie & Co, – without me being informed of this, gives a little bit of excessive aroma.

Prosecutor Siv Kvamsdal also worked in the law firm Arne Lie & Co. That is, counterpart’s aid attorney Rita Aase is a partner with lawyer Arne Lie. These two partners have worked with actor Siv Kvamsdal. The firm Lie & Co on all sides of the table.

Rita Aase

Evil (Norwegian)

Forfatter: 333rebuke

Far til kidnappede barn. Kidnappet av myndighetene. Ikke begrunnet, da myndighetene ikke ser nødvendigheten av det.

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