Protest against Norwegian government use of torture angainst it’s own people! Help us take our human rights back! Join us!

Ice-dipping as a protest against the Norwegian governments use of terror against us living i Norway.

Intro: This is a beautiful video by Øyvind Grønvik Schanche . To take our human rights back.

Listen ….

Some days ago, a man useing the name, Ola Nordmann challanged me by video on FACEBOOK.

Ice-dipping as a protest against Norwegian governments aggression against humanity. It’s time to act!

Nr. 1 – Ola Nordmann (John Doe)

Nr. 2 – «Skammen sitter på den andre siden av bodret» ( The shame is on the other side of the table) – Me 🙂

Nr. 3 Vivian Justforfun  (Justpurefun)

Nr. 4   Family Channel – Focus on Family & Human Rights in Norway

Rune have a long history as a worrior for humanity.  He does his part!

Nr. 5 Tommy;  The Monster Tetrao urogallus  has put on his Yellow Vest, and driven his motorcycle to Mjøsa, to plunge into the ice-cold water. Norway’s largest lake.

I’ll stopp using numbers on this. I no longer know how many people has done this so far.

This one I found on Facebook. This brave Ice-dippers took the Yellow Vest banana with them, and plunged in. On top of that they said good luck too the Bowen family in our struggle to get our human rights back here in Norway.

Colla Parrales posted this. And she challenged this people   Atle Asheim Elin Førland Oddlaug Mariann Djupevik Malin ParralesSiren Helle Monica Tyvoll Tefre Kari Parrales Tyvoll to do the same as these two Vikings.

This is mr. Gisle Hansen . He dives into ice-cold winter- sea, with his Yellow Vest on, to show that his supports the fight for our human rights i Norway.

Mr. Hansen in his element:

Nydelig stup

Here is a friend that want’s to do his part. Thomas. His telling that it’s ice cold where his at. +22 C in the wather, and chilling +30 C all day outside.

I do not envy him! But for humanity his a braveheart! (link under)

Join us! For humanity.

Send them to me Dennis Bowen on Facebook. Le’s fill this blog with ICE-COLD protest against cruelty.

We can no longer accept that the Norwegian government breaks up families and kills our children.

Mr. Bowen

Forfatter: 333rebuke

Far til kidnappede barn. Kidnappet av myndighetene. Ikke begrunnet, da myndighetene ikke ser nødvendigheten av det.

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