THE CELESTINE CASE – A tale of terror


A story told by the child’s grandmother.
This is the truth about the Norwegian governments incentiv and effort as organizator of the kidnapping of Norwegian children. The incentive runs on profit. My grandson Celestine and what REALLY happened. The child’s mother is called Linn, the father is called Adrian.
Linn was under child protection service (CPS) custody, from she was 5 yrs old, until she was 18.
Her father told her, before he died, that whenever she became pregnant, CPS would stalk her. Persecute her. because she had been in foster care for 13 years she should never thrust CPS. He was absolutely right.


Linn and Adrian become lovehearts after they met. Linn had been drinking a lot, after her father died. Adrian changed that. She quit drinking after they met.
I offered Linn to live with us. This way I could assist the young lovers in the start of their adulthood. I myself was looking to size down my housing, since Adrian was the only of my children that still was living at home. Soon after she moved in at our house Linn “got the flu”. I thought this «flu» lasted too long, so I asked her to take a pregnancy test.
And it showed positive result. At the time she was 26 weeks pregnant. Living in a small village, the social-office got informed, probably through her doctor. She was offered a place in a mothers home by the sosial-office if she wanted, but Linn declined. The expecting parents wanted to manage their lives themselves, and if needed support from family and from friends was close by.

The terror starts

Just after a short while I received phonecalls from people telling me that 4-6 policeofficers, in uniform, knocked on people`s doors in the neighborhood, asking for Linn. The callers wanted to know, what this was all about. They thought she had done something seriously wrong, since so many policeofficers, were looking for her. I was startled and in shock, for this was not normal behavior. Certainly not respectful and considerate. The issue was her being pregnant. I contacted our family lawyer in Bergen and asked if he would represent Linn. – If he could call the police and ask what on the earth was going on.
At the time I was in the middle of moving to my new home, and Linn and Adrian was at this time living with friends while the moving was going on. The result was that the police exposed the neighborhood for a non existing problem, and made all our neighbors think that Linn and my son were criminals.
I had found a smaller flat, in a nearby town. The family lawyer did as required, he phoned the police, but they wouldn`t tell him what the problem was all about. The information the lawyer got was that Linn was to be placed by force, somewhere.
Both the lawyer and I, knew that either it had to be a drug addict or have psychiatric history, for them to be able to do so.
  • Linn had neither.
This persecution, was going on, all through the pregnancy and Linn was terrified through most of it. She had no ide`why they wanted to force her somewhere and she didn`t trust anybody anymore, and gradually I noticed signs of her, not trusting Adrian, but I kept my mouth shut and respected Adrian and Linns relationship.
I let them figure it out, themselves. Linn started gradually to get psychological issues and she became paranoid and very depressed at this time. In the end, I decided to offer her to move to our summerhouse in Sweden, because the escalating problems produced by the police and the child care office was not good for her, nor the child.
MAKE NOTICE: All CPS cases, are civil cases and according to Norwegian Law, the Police shall not involve themselves in civil cases, at all. We can look at the structure of Barne-og likestillings departement (dep of child care service) to confirm this. So is the security-police, that should be under under the Justice department. De facto the police serve as a shadow without in a part of society where they have no legitim legal jurisdiction. Here we can see the tentacles of the Octopus, influences both the security Police and the Police, as such. Barne-og likestillings department is without a doubt an Octopus, influencing all the departments, the Minister and the judges. Barne-og likestillings department "is a parallell state" in function, - the state in the State. This is corrupt and outside the states law. I will prove this later.

The Police

The Police came to my new flat in Hönefoss, asking for her. I told them leave the girl alone. If they didn’t understand the harassment that kind of persecution was. I asked if they could tell me what on earth they were thinking of, – persecuting a pregnant, young woman like that.
  • They had to understand the consequences such stress could have om both the baby and the babys mother and father. – me too, though not importent in the bigger picture. I was then told, that they suspected her, of using drugs, but not offered an explanation for this suspicion at all. The police was sendt by NAV (employment and sosial services) in Hurum, where we used to live. Nav had sent a letter of concern to The Health authorities, in my new council and they wanted her to take urin tests.
I almost lost my temper, but I kept my self control.
I informed them, that she had been living at our house many weeks now and that this was absolutely NOT true. Linn had never use drugs. Neither did she have a history of drug abuse either. I knew. Most of all because she had somebody with her, all the time.
– So shocking that I just couldn`t believe my ears.
I told them off and asked them where they could stick their competence( excuse my French again), when they persecuted a young, pregnant woman like that. With use of horrible methods like that.
It proves clearly, that this is a method of cooperation between Nav, the Police and CPS. It is terrorism. This worried us all. (We have also videoes and tapes to prove this).
I certainly made them feel uncomfortable, I could see this. Because it is NOT a respectable way to go forth. They knew this. Everybody understands that it has a negative effect om both mother and child. The rest of the family too. The truth is, that I have my own history with NAV and because of their incompetence and violation of the Law, I had rapported them three times to their superiors. This resulted in sentral inspectors to my local NAV office.
They were not quite fond of me i guess, but I abide by the Law, something they should also do. An other thing that needs to be mentioned, is they all, showed bad competence and gross lack of service, which is a violation of Law. It is to be understood as – public abusive behavior.
  • They all, should known better.
They should be ashamed of themselves.

Under Cover

Linn, was in hiding, under cover, in Sweden. She had listen to me, not at least; her dads warning.
When the police does not give information to her lawyer, it is of great concern and violation of the Law. The lawyers job is to protect their clients security and he has all rights, to claim and receive all information. The lawyer is to know why the authorities are hunting his client. But the fact is that he got no information at all.
Is this normal behavior for any Police in democratic countries?
-Why do our government turn the blind eye to this public violation of Norways Law. What is ganes on this. Terrorizing people without consequences?

Baby soon to be born

By this time the mucus plug was gone and Linn was bedridden in Sweden, but still I didn`t tell, anyone where she was hiding. I told them, she had better things to think about.

-Urine test, wasn´t on the top of the list.

Bildet kan inneholde: en eller flere personer og tekst

She needed rest and comfort. Not a lot of terrifying things to worry about. Before they left, they gave me the name and number to the Health authority. They told me to give it to Linn and ask her to get in touch. I recognized the name, but I couldn`t quite remember why.
*Later it dawned on me ….
Next day, I drove to Sweden. I had hardly slept any, mad and frustrated. -How could they do this against the baby and it’s young parents? This is serious harassment, which could have had serious consequences, for both Linn and the baby.
Isn`t the Police supposed to protect the Law?
According to § 266 (Reckless behavior) and § 266a ( Serious persecution), in the criminal Law[criminal code) can give 2-4 years imprisonment.

A mothers reaction

Linn was shocked, when I told her what the accusations were. She decided to go to her midwife, tell her the story and ask for council. The midwife was shocked, and she didn`t believe the accusations, for a second. Linn wanted to disprove their accusations, so they agreed to urine tests. Linn took her first tests that day, which of course was negative.
She continued to take tests, every week, until she was due to give birth. – 3 tests, the last nine days of her pregnancy. They were all negative. This as a proof, should make a difference, since the accusation were simply drug related and nothing more, according to the police. But even though we had urin tests, which was proven, to be negative and proof of false accusations, this did not help.
It should have been enough, should it not?

A letter of consent

After I told Linn what was going on, Linn gave me a letter of consent, to contact and talk to Ingrid Nicolaisen, at the Norwegian Health authorities. When there the receptionist couldn`t get hold of her. Not by phone either. The Health authorities, was in a separate building and the doors were always locked to that building.
I waited in the reception, for more than two hours. No one at the health authorities office was able to get hold of her. Nobody answered the phone and according to the receptionist, this was normal. I left the letter of consent at the receptionist, and expected Ingrid Nicolaisen to phone me.
I never heard a word….


The 26 of July, Linn gave birth at the hospital in Karlstad (Sweden). The Norwegian authorities, still believed she was in Norway. This we did for the baby and mothers protection. Linn changed her address three days before she gave birth to stop CPS from interfering.
They don`t have jurisdiction in Sweden. But CPS don`t care about things like that. We have seen what they are capable of before, so just to be on the safe side, that`s what we did. Both Adrian and I, was with her, when she gave birth to a son, 3200 grams and 50 cm long, which they named CELESTINE.

CPS on the doorstep

After she arrived home, someone knocked on our door.
Swedish CPS stood on the doorstep. They had received a letter of concern, from CPS Norway. Asked for a 3 months assessment of the situation. I got totally mad, and asked them, if they could come back, because this wasn`t the right time. Not by any means. Linn was breastfeeding. Stress like this could end in her loosing her milk, adding to the problem the CPS already were creating. This can only be seen as stalking her.
Now, she had been depressed for a long time because of this stalking. It wasn`t too much to ask for. She needed peace and stability most of all. But my asking fell for deaf ears. There was no understanding, so I threw them out, threatening to rapport them to the Police.
I had no time for such, arrogant, insensible, psychopathic behavior from CPS. – Never been so upset in my lifetime. Linn was getting better every day, but CPS could easily send her right back into depression by handling the issue by this method of terror. I would if I could avoid just that happening.
We therefor refused to cooperate.
If it had happened in an other manner, a respectable manner, it would have been different, just to underline the method of terror that is used against families in Norway. This way Linn became a fugitive. On the run in Sweden, because of harassment and threats, by proxy from Norwegian authorities.
Violation of art 8 in EHRC. Also a violation of the UN Child Convention.

A violation of the UN Child Convention

Because of the persecution and violations of basic human rights, stress and other issues, caused by the CPS , Linn and Adrian couldn`t take the pressure and they had a mental breakdown.
Linn lost her milk and went into a new depression. She got irrational and refused to make ties to the baby, being scared that they would take Celestine away from her. Adrian took responsibility and got up 4-5 times a night, feed him, chance diaper and calmed the baby. Got him to sleep. Linn lost totally motivation. She hardly eat any food and she more or less broke down when the baby cried.
I got stressed and worried about the whole situation. This persecution destroyed Linn totally. And that influenced the parents relationship into gradually destruction. All I could do was try to support them from the sideline. -Watching it all happen. Total breakdown without being able to do more to help.
The parents were to get married in may. Celestine had the right to have both his parents, but CPS destroys their family life. Violating their family life. Destroying their love.
It made me hate the government. Hate CPS. It made me understand what hate actually is. What it is made of….
Linn got a lawyer through court. A nice, gentle, elderly chap, and thank God for that!! CPS had a three months assessment of the custody and situation, had long talks with me and went in and out of the house, as they pleased. For Linn the situation got to the limit of her existence. It was an effort just to get Linn out of bed. – She managed, just about.

Terror by proxy

Swedish Forvaltningsrett (County court) sent Linn a letter . There she got 14 days, to change her mind, or they would make an LVU, which is an emergency decision. This meant, they would take the child in to custody for 2 weeks, holding it as hostage. Actually producing a forced cooperation from the parents.
They can only take a child for two weeks in Sweden.
With such a little child, they have to open the case, within two weeks. I couldn`t believe that this could happen, but it did.. Linn had proven CPS Norway wrong. Even offered to continue the urin tests, but there was no mercy.
The question is as follows;
Is it legal, to persecute, when false accusations is proven?
Is there no form for security, under the Law for families In Norway, even living i Sweden? Linn had proven them wrong, by taking urine tests, but they still wouldn`t let go. How come this is possible?
Breakup, dad in Norway, Mum in Sweden, light at the end of the tunnel
Adrian refused to cooperate. He had registration at a Norwegian address. And he was horrified by the effect CPS had on Linn. Adrian signed custody over to me and they both agreed that Celestine was to live with me, until the issue with CPS was resolved.
The agreement was signed by two independent witnesses and it gave both parents peace of mind. Adrian went to Norway and the case was closed in court, with no action taken. They decided that the baby was well taken care of, had everything he needed. The custody was good. they closed the case and by January 2016, the Norwegian Authorities (CPS) had the papers sent from Swedish court.
I used to take Celestine over to Norway, for a few days, ones a month, for him and Adrian, to stay in contact. And due to not having a car at the moment, I had to go by bus, all the way from Sweden. I was a long journey, but well worth it. Celestine never forgot his dad.
I made an appointment with the social office for Linn to inform of Linn and Adrian splitting up and that Linn wanted to find a flat for herself. Two consultants came to our house and they told us, that if Linn found a flat, they would pay for it and they also would pay for psychologist, two hours a week.
So far, so good. In this way, she could get better, have Celestine on the week-ends and as she became better, she could gradually take over the custody again. I was very pleased, that they understood the situation.
I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Linn never came back

Just before Easter, Celestine was due to visit his dad again. I suggested, that Linn could visited friends in Norway, at the same time. A good way to lift her spirit a bit, and she agreed. When we were to go back home again my son wanted to come with us.
Celebrating Easter with us in Sweden. When Linn heard this, she didn`t want to go back with us, and we agreed that she would come home some days later. Adrian and Linn had problems in their communication, and this was for the best for all parts. Adrian was to go back to Norway the same day Linn came to Sweden.
But Linn never came back.
Adrian took this really bad and he got on the sick. He got a sicknote from his GP in Norway and came to stay with his son and me, in Sweden. I told my landlord, that I would move out of the flat, by the end of July. It was to small for us all. He got sad, due to our good relationship, but understood why I had make this desision.
When Adrians sicknote expired he had to see his GP to get an renewal. I drove Arian to Norway for this. Celestine had just had the measles and we all, were quite tired, when we arrived in Hönefoss, about ten o`clock, in the evening. The next morning I noticed someone had parked behind my van. Blocking it.
Suddenly two women came literally running, shouting towards us….
Are you Adrian?
Adrian stopped and answered yes. They stretched their hand towards him, presenting themselves as CPS. I got up, saying that here we can`t stand…I have a little boy inside, so we have to go inside.
The two women followed behind me and Adrian inside. An other woman came running. She had driven her own car. *Åshild G. Lad she said her name was.
– A name I had heard before.

Another letter of concern

One of the women, Monica Rype, said that they had received a letter of concern, about the custody and care of Celestine. Sender of this letter of concern was Linns previous foster mum.
I read the letter. A concern about Linn and Adrian. Linn not seeing her son, something she herself had chosen. Adrian was drinking too much and not being able to provide for Linn and Celestine, thou he had double money Linn received from the benefit office. I told them so. So did Adrian. A speculations, from someone, who only had met Adrian once.
Linns foster mum wrote that she was concerned that I was against vaccines and shared different links on Facebook about this. I told them that I was NOT against vaccines, I was just concerned about all the damages children around the world got from MMR and that this was a different truth, – being concerned for or against vaccination. The facts is, that it is voluntary, both in Norway and in Sweden. Celestines parents, had together decided, that Celestine, was NOT to have these vaccines.
I also told them, that I had custody for Celestine, not his parents, and I told them why. I also told them, that Celestine was born and lived in Sweden and went to the local health authorities there and that they were informed. They wanted us to come to their office, because they had received even more concerns. They wanted to go through these with us. Celestine was due for bed, cause he was unwell still and very tired after the long journey, the day before, but they insisted that we come to the office with them, at ones.

The Kidnapping

I brought a diaper, milk and porridge. Adrian and Celestine drove with the women and I drove my own van. When I arrived, Monica Rype and Adrian, with Celestine on his arm, stood outside, waiting for me. We walked to their offices. Here the leader of CPS, joined us and we were served coffee and water for Celestines porridge.
Celestine knew by then, that something was wrong, even thou he was only 11 months old. He had a firm grip on my swether and didn`t want to play with the toys on the floor. He sat on my lap, all the time the CPS went trough a letter from the CPS Ålesund, where Linns foster mum lived and a letter from an emergency psychologist, Linn had seen.
The letter from the last mention, only stated, that he was concern that Linn didn`t see her son and also said, that he didn`t know Adrian and me and therefore, couldn`t say anything about Celestine care. Professional written. We were sitting at CPS from kvarter to ten, until ten past four, on the afternoon.
I explained the situation and told them that he just had been to the doctor for age evaluation and they were very happy with Celestines development. I even gave them the phone number so they could call. This they weren`t interested in. Monica Rype wanted to go outside, on the balcony, to have a sigarett, so they suggested to take a break, saying, that I probably, wanted a sigarett too.
When we were out smoking, they had put a pre-written contract of voluntary placement of Celestine, in front of Adrian, for him to sign, and this was the reason for sending Monica and me, outside, to smoke.
This I found out later. Adrian was in a state of shock and hardly remember anything from those six hours at the CPS. To make a long story short, they told us that they found him under-stimulated and not age adequate, so they took Celestine. I refused, because I had the custody. They took a urin test of both Adrian and me, Adrians had trace of THC and mine was clean.
Mine was taken illegal, since I was not part in the case, I found out later. Neither have I any drug history. They refused to hand Celestine over to me, when we were to leave, laughing, saying that the doors were locked and that we were NOT, to take him with us.
Celestine lifted both his two arms towards me and was quite upset, that they were holding him back. I tried to inform them about his routines aroud food, sleeping time etc, but Lad answered me, that he ate what he was served and that he went to bed, when they put him to bed, so the best for the child, was never an issue.
They weren`t interested in food routines, bedtime routines, which books we were reading or other things, so claiming, that CPS is doing what is best for the child, must surely be a joke. When we got in the car, time was ten past four and both Adrian and me, couldn`t believe, what just happened.
This proves, that the Norwegian system, don`t respect the Swedish system, their courts or their Law. In addition, Monica Rype, had no formal education. I am how ever educated as a Special Pedagog, a specialist in children with special needs and was present, on the board for the union, for CPS victims, their families and family protection. In addition, I had been working for UDI, trough lawyers, as legal guardians, for 85 children.
Grandma Liz.

I couldn`t believe, that this had just happened…

How can this happen in what the UN called “The Best Country i the World”.
Two years has passed.
To be continued …
For the Lamey family
Mr. Bowen

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Far til kidnappede barn. Kidnappet av myndighetene. Ikke begrunnet, da myndighetene ikke ser nødvendigheten av det.

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