Justified agression. Destruction incentive from Prime minister Erna Solberg.

Method: Earn money by crushing, securing revenue by covering over cruelty, and profiting through incorrect diagnostics and problem-focused diagnostics and costly treatments.

It’s a pity that people who read this do not understand the justification behind my anger. I will try an explanation here, or maybe it’s an attempt to defend myself … Justified resentment, or agression is the right term in court.

The despair that expresses itself in both obvious fury, and in vulgar tip formulation. There is every reason to be both angry, sad, afraid, confused, apathetic and everything else with negative relation to these written words.

The government kidnapped our children

A Kamikaze-dump into Facebook, from an absolutely silent and completely anonymous nothing, of «never» having posted before.

– A warning may be the right expression.

But not least of the dreaded fear of what is happening around us here in Norway. The complete and absolute silence of our «watchdogs» in newspapers and the press in general is terrifying.

The silence is deafening.


“Truth must be quenched”, the leader of Larvik Rotary Club explained in the local newspaper. That’s what one should do when truth is as grotesque as in Norwegian Child care? He talked about why covering information about incest and other child abuse is the best. – In the local press.


That’s just unimaginable.

So tragic that I’m sitting wondering if it’s possible.

– Am I so blind that I have not discovered this before?

Not until my family were broken down so brutally and devastatingly.

– by a public destruction machine.

The governments destruction machine. Which have just one purpose: Crushing families of dissidents. In all ways possible.

The destruction machine is owned by the state and is run by private interests. – for profit. Huge profit.

The state does not want me to tell about this destruction machine. Because it’s illegal – and brutal in every way. So to silence me, they kidnapped my children.

The owner should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives as punishment. I point to people at the Prime minister’s office.

The origin of the incentives, or the lure of the state, in order to activate the greed and cynicism that are required for this to work is available at the prime minister’s office. Incentive for maximum brutality and family crushing. Ignorant emptiness is the only available empathy that exists in public administration and in government agencies. That’s how it’s been a long time. From long before I was born.

Nevertheless, I know that before my shocking experience of reality, it felt right to translate what i heard “with a pinch of salt».

It worries me. That I’d do that, looking back. Why so blind?


However, it is apparent that media in Norway have a propagandic representation of child welfare, and its issues. You must actively seek this information yourself i alternative media, because it is consistently hidden from the public. All Media is own by the government, or the governments government – Freemasons and Rotary.

What is presented in the media is what is called «fire extinguisher». That means they throw a bone to those who question the system, and the public welfare , with a mild criticism of the system, before it continues in its usual destructive pattern.

– We are in Norway! The country of Nobels Peace prize. The one Obama got (?).

How can something so SERIOUS be used as a terror-method against Norwegian people (60 000 children) without being mentioned in the newspapers, or reported in news, radio, etc.

In about 70 years the whole population have been part of this system.

– It creates doubt.

It illustrates what dimensions this destruction machine has.

Something that can stifle all information, in all channels throughout the country, and prevent even the most bestial truths to find their way to the country’s population. What can do that. What has that kind of power? Why do all major news agencies seem «uninterested» in what we call genocide?

Money. Always money. And lots of it.

Freemasons i Kongsberg Norway.

…. hmm.

Destruction by the Government. Because I’m a whistleblower …

After I had assisted a colleague at work, as my contract required me to do, i lost my job. My colleague felt that the professional quality of the work we were ordered to deliver was grossly below standard. I agreed. My colleague attempted to communicate with the management, but got patronizing sex-harassment back as a response to his notis. He, my colleague then put his notis in at the government, because that’s what the law asks of him in cases like this one. That was a mistake.

That’s the day my family met the destruction machine. It has now “killed my daughter mental health” so we don’t recognize her. She is manipulated and made in to some kind of mushy zombi without her own mind … our 3 sons are kidnapped and hidden from us. – By the government. Helped by the police.

We’ve learned that the courts of the country ignore the Constitution, corrupting the security net that are there to prevent injustice. Catastrophic is the best word to describe it. All reasonable interpretations of the courts actions, – as well as attorneys generally qualify for eternal condemnation.

Still, this is the norm in child care cases.

The Vikings would have made these «rats» outlaws. And banished them. But the last vikings are dead, I think. Apathy and fear appear to be the only thing left. No resistance in the population against this genocide.

  • Scared into silence. Most like North Korean population.

I’m ashamed to be Norwegian.

26 months

For 26 months we have been terrorized by the Police District of South East, Holmestrand, Tønsberg and Larvik municipalities, Vestfold county and state. Everyone is part of the destruction machine. In this time the police have arrested “dad” 350 times for nothing. Imprisonment for 45 months without a just trial. Lost our jobs both mom and dad, and as written earlier, all our children are been destroyed by the government.

2 years without seeing our children.

The destruction machine is a creation of the welfare industry. It mines for profit in state finances. Children are fuel.

The parasites that make money of the proletarian, make the best living when the host is hungry and terrified. -when it can not be worse without dying.

Money is all important. It’s the money that is counted. Not dead children in Norwegian child kidnapping service.

It’s motivation to be cynical comes from the government… and then the economist’s proven lack of social intelligence is used.

Child care creates jobs for useless people with useless educations in terms of not enough jobs for people that would otherwise be unemployed lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and prison guards. Also foster homes, institutions, pharmaceuticals, etc. The budget is at 120 billion NOK now (15 billion dollars).

In Norway there are 5 million people. More than 100,000 people live exclusively of child welfare. The whole paycheck.

How come the UN lies about this?

Even prime minister Erna Solberg earns big money on privately own child welfare.

It is smart, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg, to have a destruction machine, which, when used, adds more production capital (children) that keeps the wheels running.

Method: Earn money by crushing, securing revenue by covering over cruelty, and profiting through incorrect diagnostics and problem-focused diagnostics and costly treatments.

Simply put, the population of the country is, therefore, renewable energy in this reality. The vulgar truth.

A fraud on humanity and an evil that is camouflaged by accounting and justified in profit.

How can we make this end?

By telling you outside of Norway about it. We need your help. Our government is killing our children for profit.

Please help us. The Vikings are dead and can’t defend us any more.

Mr. Bowen

Forfatter: 333rebuke

Far til kidnappede barn. Kidnappet av myndighetene. Ikke begrunnet, da myndighetene ikke ser nødvendigheten av det.

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