The Face of Shame – Pedophilia -The New World Order’s Power Weapon

Sex crimes seem to be the standard where ever the UN, UNICEF, WHO and equal interests «work». It is alleged that the policies these lead are in our best interests.
Is it in our best interest to be abused? Killed?

You can find the sex offenders in WHO, UN, UNICEF, NATO etc. And you’ll find the worst of them in management. Why?

Sex crimes seem to be the standard where ever the UN, UNICEF, WHO and equal interests «work». It is alleged that the policies these lead are in our best interests.

Is it in our best interest to be abused? Killed?

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Ghislaine Maxwell actually spoke at least NINE times in front of United Nations assemblies, promoting some weird globalist financial schemes (see earlier posts); this is one of the speeches.


A lot of information. Recommended reading: Silview


Jeffrey Epstein, Mark Epstein, and the Humpty Dumpty Institute 

Mark Epstein has played a significant role in this mission. According to the organization’s website, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother serves as Humpty Dumpy’s vice chairman, and has represented the group abroad on delegations alongside members of Congress and U.N. dignitaries.

As recently as last February, several months before his brother was arrested at Teterboro Airport on federal charges for allegedly sex trafficking minors, Mark traveled with the group to the United Arab Emirates on a trip cosponsored by the nonprofit Peace Without Limits, which, according to Wikileaks, is funded by the Crown Prince of Furjairah in UAE. In 2015, he hosted a private dinner for a Humpty Dumpty conference, which featured a keynote address from former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power.

Board of Directors

The 1,500 elite acquaintances of Epstein and Maxwell

Bill Clinton, Bob Weinstein, Mike Wallace, Donald Trump, Bill Richardson, Joan Rivers, Kevin Spacey, Chuck Schumer, Peter Soros, Prince Andrew, Steven Hawking, Google founder Sergey Brin, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Ethel Kennedy, Alec Baldwin, Mark Getty, Elizabeth Hurley, Barbara Walters, Tony Blair …

Harvey Weinstein and disgraced paedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein ‘were guests at ­Princess Beatrice’s lavish £400,000 18th birthday bash at Windsor Castle’

Naomi Campbell, Dustin Hoffman, Ted Kennedy, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Johnson, Richard Branson, Chelsea Clinton, Lauren Hutton, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Senator Edward Kennedy, Ghislaine Maxwell, Henry Kissinger, Steve Forbes, Maria Shriver, Alan Dershowitz, Sir Mick Jagger …

Jeffrey Epstein partied with  Wilbur Ross, Rudy Giuliani, and Steve Mnuchin, designers Tory Burch and Tamara Mellon and billionaires Steven Schwarzman and Henry Kravis at dinner hosted by David Koch just two months after his release from prison

The Duchess of York, Minnie Driver, Angie Everhart, John Kerry, Liz Hurley, Lord Peter Mandelson, Bill Cosby, Ivana Trump, Alex Acosta, Jimmy Buffett, industrialist David Koch, Ken Starr, Woody Allen, Revlon chairman Ronald Perelman, Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, Chris Tucker, George Stephanopoulos, Phil Collins, Katie Couric, Chelsea Handler, Princess Diana’s brother, and Rosa Monckton, Ivanka Trump, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sarah Ferguson, Rupert Murdoch, George Hamilton, Janice Dickinson, Ron Burkle, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, Courtney Love, David Gross …

6,000+ child rape photos in Bill Gates’ home

… an American physicist and Nobel laureate and Harvard professor called Lisa Randall. Two other Nobel laureates, Gerard t’Hooft and Frank Wilczek, Professor Lawrence Krauss, scientist Martin Nowak, Les Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret.

Source: FBI has evidence Hillary visited ‘Epstein Island’ – Huma Abedin said to be cooperating with investigators

Lady Rothschild introduced Dershowitz to Epstein – 5:25

The Secretary of Transportation [SOT] requires the full name of each passenger. So why did SOT allow the Lolita Express to not name its passengers?

Here there are many good links for those who want good information.

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Wouldn’t people like to know that Epstein held a #Doomsday conference on his Island, with scientists from MIT, Harvard, and more?

In 2009, a group of Epstein-Ghislaine aligned billionaires discussed overpopulation & how to curb population growth. In 2012, Epstein held a “doomsday” conference consisting of many of the 🦠 or 💉 aligned scientists.

I find that interesting. Don’t you?

In 2015, representatives for Gates & Benioff, who made a lot of wealth by hooking people to subscriptions to software (#SaaS), met to discuss future of healthcare tech, biotech, wearables, etc…we now have what appears to be vaccine subscriptions (#VaaS)

Isn’t that something?

Lots of good info here

(Gateway Pundit)

Investigation Finds WHO Employees Raped or Sexually Abused Dozens of Women During Congo Ebola Crisis; Higher-ups “Were Aware” of the Rampant Abuse “But Did Not Act”

According to a shocking new report that was released on Tuesday, Eighty-three ‘humanitarian’ aid workers, including several that were employed by the World Health Organization (WHO), committed horrific sex abuse and exploitation while they were stationed in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the country’s 2018-2020 Ebola outbreak.

The report was compiled by an independent commission that looked into the allegations after the Thompson Reuters Foundation and The New Humanitarian uncovered over 50 accusations of sexual abuse by aid workers that had been submitted last year.

“The review team has established that the presumed victims were promised jobs in exchange for sexual relations or in order to keep their jobs,” 

commission member Malick Coulibaly explained in a press briefing.


The report’s findings could just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall scope of the sexual abuse problem by WHO employees. In fact, the co-chair of the investigation – Aïchatou Mindaoudou – acknowledged that there could easily be a larger problem because there was “no overlap” between victims who testified in past media reports and those who were interviewed.

She also added that some of the higher-ups at the WHO “were aware of what was going on and did not act.”

Read more


Despite WHO preaching during COVID, 21 of its employees allegedly committed heinous sex crimes

The World Health Organization is one of many groups that have attempted to take the moral high ground throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. A new report, however, has alleged that multiple WHO employees maliciously abused women they were supposed to be helping.

According to Reuters, a 2020 investigation from the Thomson Reuters Foundation and The New Humanitarian saw over 50 women accuse WHO employees of propositioning them for sex in exchange for jobs from 2018-2020.

This led to an investigation from an independent commission, which found 83 aid workers who were suspected of sexual abuse and exploitation during an Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At least 21 of them were employed by the WHO, Reuters reported.

The full extent of the misconduct is unknown, but at least one of the 21 WHO employees has been accused of rape.

The review team has established that the presumed victims were promised jobs in exchange for sexual relations or in order to keep their jobs,» commission member Malick Coulibaly said.

Read more: Despite WHO preaching during COVID, 21 of its employees allegedly committed heinous sex crimes


The Face of Shame at MEWE: W.H.O. database shows there have been 8 times more adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines in 9 months than to the Influenza Vaccines in 52 years

(Yahoo News)

📺 Video – Gabby Petito case draws renewed spotlight to Lauren Cho and others who have gone missing

The widespread national media attention over the killing of 22-year-old Gabby Petito has led to renewed interest in other missing person cases that have received far less coverage.


(Summit News)

Rose McGowan Claims She Was Run Off Road, Home Invasion After Clinton Outburst

Activist has made enemies of Democrats.

Weeks after threatening to reveal sensitive info on the Clintons, Rose McGowan now claims she was run off the road and had her home broken into.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Summit News

(Kangaroo Court of Australia)

Australia’s paedophile epidemic being covered-up by judges

Australia has an epidemic of paedophiles and as a country we need to face up to it and deal with it. The courts are a key area that the paedophiles are getting support and protection from and I will give multiple recent examples in this article as finding the examples is not hard as there are many of them.

This website is meant to focus on judicial corruption and it is impossible to ignore the links between the judiciary and paedophiles. In recent times we even had Judge Garry Neilson use the sanctity of the court to defend paedophiles which only another paedophile would do. While Judge Garry Neilson was meant to be suspended from hearing sex abuse cases he is still a judge. (Click here to read more)

(…) Paedophile gets $45,000 for legal costs that should have gone to the victims

NSW Police ordered to pay $45,000 to child sex offender

NSW Police paid a Hunter man’s $45,000 legal bill after a failed child sex case against him, only months before he was charged again and jailed for similar offences against another young girl.

The man, who was jailed in 2017 and cannot be identified because of a suppression order relating to the failed 2012 trial, was awarded costs after a NSW Supreme Court judge found “deficiencies” in the police investigation before the first case.

But the victim in the 2012 trial and her mother say the case illustrates the difficulties facing child sex victims in the criminal justice system and the need for state governments to act on more than 80 recommendations for change made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

“He’s a paedophile. He’s in jail because he’s a paedophile. He’s turned around and come up with smoke and mirrors to get taxpayers’ money to pay his legal costs but nothing changes the fact that he has sexually abused children, including my daughter,” said the mother of the 2012 trial victim. (Click here to read more)

He didn’t just come up with smoke and mirrors to get the $45,000 he came up with a compliant and supportive judge. The article doesn’t name the NSW Supreme Court judge unfortunately.

Read more: Australia’s paedophile epidemic

(Rebel News)

Victorian Labor minister Luke Donnellan resigns after IBAC allegations

Day one of ‘Operation Watts’.

BAC’s investigation into branch stacking has led to the resignation of Victorian Labor minister Luke Donnellan after it was alleged that he paid for other people’s Labor party memberships.

Today was the first day of ‘Operation Watts’ – the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) hearing into branch-stacking.

Read more; “However, I don’t believe it is possible or appropriate to maintain my Ministerial responsibilities given these rule breaches.”

More: (Daily Mail): Victoria’s Teflon premier has survived a rolling Covid scandal that cost hundreds of lives and locked down Melbourne longer than any city in the world – but could a union deal from long ago FINALLY bring Dan Andrews undone?

#Melbourne #LockDown #KillerPremier #Covid #Victoria #Australia #Labor #Donnellan #Resign #IBAC #Corruption #Nazi

(The Expose)

Are the FDA fit for purpose? Dangerous lies and Bill Gates ties

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a licensing agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They are tasked with the job of assuring the quality and safety of the food supply and human and veterinary drugs and vaccines among other products.

Due to their Emergency Use Approval (EUA), many people have received their first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. Now the additional booster shots are being rolled out in many countries, and EUA has been extended to children from age 12 and above.

Given that these vaccinations are still experimental and clinical trials have never been performed on more than two injections of any vaccine, we rely on the judgement of the FDA scientists to ensure efficacy and more importantly the safety of these vaccines.

In their field as a licencing agency, the FDA have the monopoly and without their approval, it is illegal to offer a product for sale or use among society. What this means is they have the final say regardless of whether they have made errors in their assessments and approvals. However, the FDA have seemingly approved these vaccinations and ignored not only the lack of necessity or efficacy but also their safety.


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